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You Are Not Alone (1978)

The film shows the story of life on a Danish boarding school for boys in the seventies. The focus is on the conflict between the headmasters old fashioned view of life and the much more liberal views of the boys. At one point the boy Ole is expelled for hanging pornographic pictures in the bathroom, but the boys won't let him be expelled and unite against the old fashioned views of the headmaster. Finally the teachers have to let Ole stay. We also follow Bo (15) and Kim (12) who is the headmasters son. They become very intimate and even though it is clearly more than just a friendship it is portrayed in a very innocent manner. There relationship is not portrayed as a struggle with sexual identities, but rather as something natural. They do not hide it from the other boys at school who seem to consider it normal. The film ends with all the boys at school showing a film they have made...

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